Mumbai Boat Accident: One Killed as Fishing Boat Overturns in Arnala

Mumbai, 28 May 2024: Tragedy struck in the Arnala sea as a fishing boat capsized, resulting in the death of one person, while at least 11 others were rescued, police reported on Sunday. The incident occurred during the transportation of bricks and stones intended for house repairs at Arnala Fort.

The accident happened when the boat’s rope got entangled in the fan, causing the speeding vessel to sink. Fortunately, a following boat managed to save 11 individuals from the water. Sadly, Santosh Mukne did not survive the incident.

Upon receiving information about the accident, Arnala police quickly responded to the scene. They utilized coast guard helicopters and private boats to conduct a search for the missing man. After a 24-hour search effort, the body was eventually recovered, police confirmed

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