Nashik Crime: Three, Including Former Corporator’s Husband, Stabbed to Death Over Roadside Ruckus

Nashik, 28 May 2024 – In a shocking incident, three individuals, including the husband of a former corporator, were brutally stabbed to death in Nashik, according to police reports on Sunday. The attack occurred around midnight on Tuesday in the Nashik Road area, following a disturbance caused by a group celebrating a birthday on the street.

Law enforcement has registered a case and is actively investigating the incident. Preliminary information indicates that the violent confrontation ensued after attempts were made to disperse the group causing the commotion. The attack has escalated tensions in the area, highlighting the persistent law and order challenges faced by Nashik city.

The recent spike in crime has become a significant concern for Nashik residents. The police’s ability to maintain order is being increasingly questioned as incidents of deadly attacks, looting, and murders continue to rise. The attack on the ex-corporator’s husband has particularly unsettled the community, raising concerns about the fearlessness of local criminals.

Despite ongoing efforts by the city police to apprehend offenders, crime rates remain alarmingly high. According to 2023 data, Nashik witnesses 25-30 murders annually, underscoring the severity of the situation. Moreover, the involvement of minors in such heinous crimes is also on the rise.

The police have detained one or two suspects in connection with the recent stabbings. However, the effectiveness of law enforcement measures, including detentions and actions under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), is being scrutinized as the city grapples with maintaining law and order.

The Nashik community is left questioning the efficacy of the police and the growing audacity of local criminals, urging immediate and effective action to restore safety and security in the city

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