Pune Crime News: Old Two-Wheelers Stolen in Baner-Balewadi Area; Thief Caught on CCTV

Balewadi, 1 June 2024: The Baner-Balewadi area has recently seen a surge in thefts of old, valuable two-wheelers. Within the span of just two days, two incidents of theft were reported in Balewadi, where ‘Yamaha RX Hundred’ bikes were stolen around 2 AM. CCTV footage captured an unidentified thief, but identification has been difficult as he was wearing a mask.

On May 28, around 2:15 AM, a Yamaha RX Hundred with the registration number MHZ 3520 was stolen from a parking lot near a residence in the Moje College area of Balewadi. The thief jumped over the security wall of a neighboring building, entered the parking lot, unlocked the gate, and made off with the bike. The entire act was captured on CCTV, but the masked thief remains unidentified.

Just two days later, on May 31, another Yamaha RX Hundred, bearing the registration number MS Bara M4152, was stolen from the ‘Battlefield’ area of Balewadi. This series of thefts has raised concerns among local residents, who are now demanding swift action from the police to apprehend the culprits and prevent further incidents.

“I have been using this bike for many years and have a deep fondness for old Yamaha models, which are now in high demand. I urge the police to investigate this matter urgently,” said Amit Barge, a resident of Balewadi.

“My Yamaha was stolen from near my house around 2 AM on May 31. A police complaint has been lodged, but I request a thorough investigation and increased patrolling in the area to curb such incidents,” added Akash Rohidas Balwadkar, another local resident.

Ajay Kulkarni, Senior Police Inspector at Chatushrungi Police Station, confirmed that complaints have been registered in both cases and CCTV footage is being reviewed to identify and apprehend the suspect.

The community hopes that the police’s efforts will lead to the swift capture of the thief and the prevention of further thefts in the area

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