Porsche Accident Pune News: Biryani Feast for Sassoon’s Inquiry Committee; Parcel from Renowned Pune Hotel

Pune, 28 May 2024- In a surprising turn of events, two doctors have been booked for allegedly tampering with the blood report of a minor involved in the Kalyani Nagar accident case. To investigate this serious allegation, a three-member committee has been formed and has already begun its inquiry.

The investigation commenced on Tuesday, and during the proceedings, the committee ordered biryani from the well-known Blue Nile hotel in Pune. This gesture has sparked criticism, especially after a picture of the biryani parcel being delivered to the committee members went viral.

According to SamTV, the committee, led by Dr. Pallavi Sapale, the dean of J.J. Hospital, spent nearly seven hours conducting their inquiry at Sassoon Hospital. The committee, appointed by the Commissioner of the Department of Medical Education and Research, also includes Dr. Gajanan Chavan and Dr. Sudhir Chaudhary.

The controversy centers around Dr. Ajay Taware and Dr. Srihari Harnore, who are accused of manipulating the blood report of a minor linked to the Kalyani Nagar accident. Both doctors, along with a constable, have been arrested as part of the investigation.

The government’s decision to establish this committee underscores the seriousness of the alleged irregularities at Sassoon Hospital, ensuring that a thorough and transparent investigation is carried out.

This incident has not only highlighted the gravity of the accusations but also drawn attention to the conduct of the inquiry committee, adding another layer of scrutiny to an already high-profile case.

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