Pune Accident News: Two Killed in Another Tragic Accident in Pune as Speeding Truck Collides with Two-Wheeler

Pune, 28 May 2024: Despite recent attention on road safety, Pune continues to witness tragic accidents, with another incident claiming two lives on Sunday night. A speeding truck collided with a two-wheeler around 10 pm in the Kharadi area of Pune, resulting in the death of both riders.

The Kharadi locality, known for heavy traffic and presence of large vehicles, has become a hotspot for accidents, especially during nighttime when trucks often speed through the open roads. This reckless driving has resulted in numerous fatalities, sparking outrage against truck drivers.

This latest incident comes just a week after a high-profile accident in Kalyani Nagar, where two engineers lost their lives after being hit by a Porsche driven by a minor under the influence of alcohol. The swift granting of bail to the juvenile driver had initially caused uproar, leading to subsequent arrests and legal actions against the driver’s family as well as authorities involved.

Pune has seen a surge in accidents recently, particularly during late hours when pubs remain open and young individuals venture out, often intoxicated. The combination of alcohol consumption and reckless driving, exacerbated by the heavy presence of trucks on the roads, has resulted in a disturbing number of fatalities.

Efforts are underway to address this alarming trend and prevent further loss of lives on Pune’s roads

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