Upliftment of Children Speech In English

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Upliftment of Children Speech In English

Mr. Chairman, Honourable Chief Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am glad to say today a few words on the subject which is of vital importance to us, to our society, to our nation and civilisation.
Children are the buds that must be merged to bloom in full and when these do so, when these buds, the future hopeful of our generation, open up fully, to display their grandeur and distribute their fragrance, all around, society is complete.

Ladies and Gentlemen, these are no new things. These matters are known to all. Our generation has to provide all the facilities and opportunities to our children. This is not only our duty, but this is their basic right as well. Otherwise, we as parents have no right to bring them into this world, to expose them to the hazards and hardships of this world, without giving them the initial protection that they need.
If we put a small flower plant in our garden or in a pot, we have to water it daily and regularly, apply plant-nourishing things like

fertilizers, spray pesticide, etc. to facilitate the plant’s continuous and unobstructed growth.
What we would do to a simple plant, should we or would we not do for a child, which is the very replica of our blood and soul.
And just think, ladies and gentlemen! how vulnerable a child is, how dependent it is on the parents, guardians or those are in charge of their welfare.

These small saplings, these children, how tender in feelings they are, how vulnerable, how desiring and requiring attention and care, how weak they are and how impressionable !

The children, that is some children would grow, no doubt, without any assistance whatsoever, just as many wild flowers and plants grow in the woods even through the weeds. But the tender hearts of these children, their finer feelings, and in fact all the good things and sensitiveness of the mind and soul that grow naturally to culminate in fruition, are apt to be blunted, restrained, checked, crushed.

The outcome of growth without care, may be good, it may be terrible. The neglected and exploited children could grow in them the determination to rise and shine and to be bigger and far bigger than others. There have been industrialists and other successful men whose childhood had been spent in the worst frustration.

On the other hand, it is but natural that such dejected and deprived children would develop in them a universal antagonism against the settled systems of the world, and would seek the demolish every good order to be substituted by vile actions, which could be the reflections of their distorted thoughts. These children would therefore, grow upto become anti-social elements and even criminals whose only target in the life could be to wreck the face of civilisation. They would utlimately become the dregs of society, its polluted, unwanted and abhored section. But whom should we blame for that? The blame is to fall on us, we who are the parents, and we who proclaim ourselves as the guardians of society, civilisation and culture. (Upliftment of Children Speech In English)

Ladies and Gentlemen, these facts are not unknown to you, and idle deliberations and discussions will land us nowhere. Every moment that we spend in unfruitful thought, could be vital for a child to turn it from the evil path or to prod and push it (child) to the goals of achievement.

Every moment is precious. We have to shake ourselves out of inertia and inaction and divert all our efforts to concrete and productive channels, so that we can save the lives of unprivileged children of our land from a desperate destiny. The developed countries of the world are urged to contribute one percent of their national income towards assisting the developing countries, in the framework of UN Cooperation.
We may also make some such rule for contribution per family.

Even a very normal amount, monthly or yearly, might build up a large sum of money, which could be utilized for the maintenance and career build-up of so many hapless children.

Many Governments of the world are now aware of the great treasure that is confined in human resources. Proper development and application of such resources, the judicious mobilization of the same would provide a nation the reservoir of man-power which would enrich a nation’s temporal and ethical status in the unity of nations.

Let us not forget poet Wordsworth’s words “The child is the father of man”, Thank you.

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